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Welcome to E-Laptop Service Zone
e- Laptop Service Zone is the affordable & reliable laptop repair service centre and known as the his quality service for laptop, computer & printer repair.
We provide the free of cost home service without any diagnosis charge for our gurgaon customers. We did not take any hidden charge and give the one month warranty of laptop motherboard.
All branded laptop spare parts are also available on good price at our laptop service centre. You can purchase any computer hardware and software parts like laptop screen, keyboard, adapter, battery, hinges, laptop motherboard, touchpad, speaker WIFI etc. @ Very affordable price.
We are team of highly expertise laptop hardware issues like replacement of the laptop screen, data recovery from the hard disk, broken laptop hinges repair, faulty adapter service & windows operating system & Antivirus installation.
We provide best services in laptop repair in gurgaon, computer repair , printer repair, cartridge refilling, toner refilling, laptop screen repair, keyboard repair, Laptop Hinges Repair, Hard disk, windows installation , Antivirus installation , Laptop Adapter repair and replacement , Motherboard repair in gurgaon
Laptop Repair Services
e-Laptop Service Zone started in 2000 and providing the laptop repair service in Gurgaon & Gurugram.
Computer Repair
We are the one of the best computer repairing center who gives the transparent & reasonable service.
Printer Repair
laptop-hinges-repair in gurugram
Authorized printer support and service providers in gurugram in very reasonable price.
Laptop Screen Repair
Laptop screens for any model in very less price with 100% availability. Fix all types of issues in screen.
Laptop Keyboard Repair
We sell all branded laptop keyboard and replace the non working & missing keys.
Laptop Hinges Repair
laptop screen repair in gurgaon
We are the expert to repair the broken hinges of a laptop screen or replace in 20% discount.
Laptop Fan Repair
Diagnose and fix an overheating laptop due to the non working the fan. Repair the Jam laptop fan
Laptop Screen Repair
laptop motherboard repair
Many companies manufacture the laptop but the most used brand in India is HP Laptop, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Samsung, Sony & HCL laptop. We have the 14 years of experience in IT service industry with cost effective services in Laptop & computer repairs in Gurgaon. We are most accessible or can say the approachable laptop repair service provider in Gurgaon and we have our own motherboard repairing Lab and we repair the laptop with latest Tools and techniques like BGA machine, CRO, Multi meter etc.
Laptop is combination the components like Laptop LCD display screen, laptop Keyboard, Touchpad , Laptop Hinges, Laptop Motherboard, Battery , Charger, Jack, AC Adapter etc. Laptop hard disk is also very important and engineers have extended the functionality of the laptop Hard disk. Laptop is a portable or you can say movable computer which can move easily from one place to other place than desktop computer, Laptop is very thin and has the leas weight also.
Laptop Keyboard Repair
cartridge refilling gurgaon
There is big question now day’s customer asking that if one key is not working of my laptop than do I need to change the complete laptop keyboard? My answer is that no need we can repair key of your laptop. We will provide some guidelines by which you can fix your laptop keys and will find same previous functionality of keyboard.
We have the team of the expertized engineers who have the great knowledge of all branded laptop; we have only one stop shop in Gurgaon which provide the best repair & services for all branded computer & laptop and provide all the accessories related to the printer and computers also.
Laptop Fan Repair
Laptop fan work is very important because it cools the laptop processor inside the laptop motherboard , if your laptop fan stopped work than it cause a serious problem, that could be reason of the burn of laptop, so please be very careful in laptop fan is making a noise or not, if is not working please check with engineer immediately.
Laptop Battery Charger Repair
If your laptop is dead means there is no light on start button that means the power is not going in your laptop it could be the reason of laptop charger chord is not working or there could be the reason of laptop motherboard. First we will check the chord of the charger after that we will check the power jack in motherboard, if everything is fine than there is problem in laptop motherboard.
Laptop Touch pad Repair
Laptop is also known as the notebook computers, laptop is mostly using in whole word now and India has the most Laptop customer in Gurgaon.
That is normal problem which in the heavy laptop user loose or broken the hinges of laptop, mostly our customer are facing the same problem. Broken laptop Hinges cover a computer or notebook is dropped or when if user want to open the laptop case by itself and due to some hidden screw which not opened may cause the problem of broken hinges.
Computer repair in gurgaon is the best shop in gurgaon on which you can find the all computer related part, computer RAM, Hard disk, Keyboard repair, Touch pad , Laptop Hinges repair in gurgaon, Broken laptop LCD display screen.
Google has contracted with laptop manufacturer companies like Acer, HP, Samsung, LG and Asus chromebook. All the chromebook notebook fast, light weight, portable and starting at 22999 Rs. Only If you are working on multiple apps or just checking the email or listen the music online you have no need to recharge the internet. All chromebook notebooks provide gives the 8.5 hour battery backup after full charge the battery. The adapter of these notebooks is very good and charges the battery very fast. These notebooks are very easier to use than the other tradition laptop and start very fast it boot in 7 seconds only. Virus protection is inbuilt in these notebooks which will protect you from the virus, malware and other threaten of data stolen. These are the best for the Google all inbuilt Google apps are free with these laptops | Most Common Problems of the laptop | Laptop Services in Gurgaon
Dell Laptop Repair
We provide the best repair and service of all the Dell laptop in Gurgaon
HP Laptop Repair
HP Laptop repair, LCD display repair, hinges , Hp Keyboard , HP laptop Touch pad repair.
Lenovo, Acer, Asus, HCL Samsung
e-Laptop Service Zone is the best service provider all branded computer repair in Gurugram
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