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If a laptop is not going to on and you are thinking that it has gone dead because the you have plugged in your laptop with adapter. What should we do in this condition because laptop display is not coming? e-Laptop Service Zone is the big name in all branded laptop repair in gurgaon like HP laptop repair, dell , Lenovo , Samsung , HCL, Acer, Asus laptops repairing and services center in gurgaon. HP Laptop Adapter Repair Dell Adapter

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First we need to check whether Laptop adapter is ok or not, for that we will open the laptop adapter and check is it providing the full 18 Volt current. When you have done all testing with laptop adapter and it is not working than you should understand that there is problem in laptop cord or power supply. First of all we need to understand that what s functionality of the power adapter, it gives the power current to complete laptop.

First check the laptop cord whether it is working fine or not?
If cord is ok than we will check the laptop adapter and will open the adapter
Adapter is a set of the components we will check all the components.
We will solder the power cable to the motherboard connector




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