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e-Laptop Service Zone is the largest laptop repairing center located in the centeral part of gurgaon now name changed Gurugram provide the best and releable service for laptop repair, computer AMC, Printer services and cartridge refilling.
We are the authorized and reasonable service center for all branded laptops like HP, Dell, Lenovo and Toshiba
Today Sir gave me one Motherboard to check and fit it in a desktop cabinet and asked me to install windows XP in it, so I started working on it 1st I checked it display after that when I connected hard disk with it and it didn’t work so I checked that hard disk on other desktop to conform if that hard disk is working or not. Hard disk was working fine on other desktop after that sir sent that mother board for checking. One costumer come with his laptop, it has a window problem. he has original windows 8 on it before , but when he upgraded his windows 8 to windows 10 his windows got corrupted and not working anymore so that time we didn’t have to pen drive for windows 8 so we fixed next day for them.

I came here at 11.30 in office and I first check one Hard Disk in the laptop Hard Disk there are lot of usable software for us and when connect it with my laptop it was automatically formatted and whole data was reside in HDD has fully lost. I did lots of work for recover my HDD data but did not success. So we went to laptop repair shop in Gurgaon and recovered all lost data is very reasonable price.
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