Google+ Today we are defining or explaining the most common problems of the laptop

Today we are defining or explaining the most common problem of the laptop

Laptop screen replacement gurgaon

Laptop needs more care than a desktop machine, we can use desktop machine or system roughly and no need the service of the computer in a short time of span but the condition is different with the Laptop it needs more attention than computer. e-Laptop Service Zone will explain each and every point where we need the care of all branded laptops: in this article we will explain the most common problems we face in the laptop as e-Laptop Service Zone is a very big Laptop repair company in Delhi NCR &Gurgaon as that is the responsibility of the e-Laptop Service Zone to explain each points we are repairing in the laptop in now a days: Here we will explain the computer hardware related problem and in next we will also explain the Software related issues like operating system windows installation and etc.

Power Connection Issue (Laptop adapter related):

Hard Disk Corrupted

Overheating of the laptops

Laptop LCD display screen problem:

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Power Connection Issue (Laptop adapter related):

Laptop-broken screen- repair-gurgaon

Today in world of the laptop there are lots of chances of the dead laptop due to many reasons, there could be one main reason is that due to Laptop adapter. When you plug into the motherboard of the laptop sometimes the power DC Jack does not work perfectly. It does not supply the current to the Motherboard. We should not worry about that the laptop has been dead but we should show some patience and think that that is the problem of the adapter only. If your Laptop charger is not working properly than the battery will not be charged and after some time Laptop Battery will be completely discharged and it will work as laptop dead, so be careful when you are talking to engineers don’t ask him that your laptop is dead ask him that I think laptop adapter is not working and then he will check the laptop charger if charger is ok than you can go the next level testing and it could the problem motherboard and any other device.

Hard Disk Corrupted:

LCD display screen repair in gurgaon

One day one customer came near us on the office of the Laptop repair in Gurgaon for asking that kindly install the windows in his laptop, i asked the engineer please install windows 7 in client laptop he has tried many times but it was giving the error and stopped in between, this was happened many times after that he tried to install the windows 8 but it also did not work. I asked the senior engineer please try you and complete this as soon as possible because it already has taken of the client and he has been desperate why it is taking so long to install simple windows operating system in his laptop. Senior laptop repair engineer tried but he also faced the same problem after that I discussed with engineers who perform this task what is exact problem is there any problem in windows CD but there was no problem in CD because they tried to install using the bootable pen drive also. In the last we have tried to other hard disk and install windows, and found that windows has been installed in new hard disk, so we have easily guessed that there was the problem in hard disk of the laptop. We were able to take the backup of the old hard disk but windows was not installing. That was the issue in hard disk only. We are facing this issue in many laptops and customer also surprised that how can my Hard disk corrupted in 1 year because I have purchased the new laptop before some time back only hardly before two and three months back.

Overheating of the laptops:

HP-LCD display screen repair

This is also a very common problem in now days, if you using the laptop for a long time that could be reason of the overheating of the laptop. e-Laptop Service Zone was checking the problem of the overheating of one laptop and when opened the laptop and found there was lots of dust inside the laptop and after that we checked laptop Fan that was fully jammed and was not moving means that the complete system of the cooling was damaged, so please check your laptop time to time that his FAN is working or not if Laptop Fan is not working ask the engineer immediately and repair the same other could the reason of the burning of the laptop. If laptop FAN is not working then it could damage the motherboard also. If laptop is overheating that is the symptom of some disease in your Laptop like restart very frequently, Laptop hang, giving the beep and etc.?


Laptop LCD display screen problem:

HP-LCD display screen repair

e-Laptop Service Zone are getting many calls regarding the laptop LCD display screens, when we start our laptop it start fine but after some time display has gone, that is new problem I am facing from many days asked one HP laptop customers to us: in the laptop there could be many reasons, first most common problem is display cable many time we found that there is a problem in the LCD screen cable it has damaged and we need to change the cable only and no need to change the complete screen also. LCD Display cable plays a role to take the data from the motherboard and send to the screen for display. Laptop LCD screen broken, White laptop screen is coming, Laptop Blue screen, display is coming on one angel but if I tried to open full screen display has gone these are the most common problem in Laptop LCD display screen.


Laptop Motherboard Problem:

Motherboard repar in delhi NCR

Laptop motherboard is very important part of the laptop or you can say that it is jaan of the laptop all the functionality will be performed by the motherboard only. There are many differences in Laptop & Desktop motherboard; in the laptop motherboard we have combined the many things in a single circuit. Like we have the WIFI, ram, Cooling FAN, Charger slot and lots of thing and reduced the size of a big computer into a small unit called the Laptop or Notebook. If your motherboard has been damaged or it is not working fine we have the best Laboratory of the Motherboard repairing in which we repair all branded laptop and his motherboard also. We have the latest machine and tools kit which use in laptop repairing and services. We are big player in laptop repairing field and cover all Delhi NCR & Gurgaon. We have established our repairing lab in Dwarka Delhi which is very adjacent to the Gurgaon and also started the Institute in which we guide the people and trained him as best laptop repair engineer of the world.


Battery Problem:

laptop battery

In the laptop battery is very critical component if the laptop battery is not working that could be the very big problem with you and you can lose your important data if light has gone and if have not saved the data, because your laptop will be immediately closed. So to prevent this situation kindly purchase the new laptop battery immediately if you feel it is not giving the backup. One day one customer came near us and asked that his HP pavilion laptop battery is not charging, so please tell me that this problem of the Laptop Charger or Laptop battery because the charger I have purchased new one only. We have checked the HP laptop charger and found it was working fine but the battery was not giving the backup. There are two type of the battery available in market one is the compatible and second is the Original branded laptop battery. Compatible laptop battery is also good because they give the one year warranty and if you face any issue like laptop battery is not giving the same backup as discussed on the purchase time you can change your at any time. We have all branded laptop batteries like HP Laptop Batteries, Dell Laptop Batteries, Lenovo Laptop Batteries, Samsung, Sony, Acer, Asus, HCL etc.


Laptop Hinges broken problem:


Laptop hinges is support component of the Laptop screen and takes the complete weight on his soldiers. If laptop hinges breaks than you cannot open the Laptop LCD screen because the complete weight on Hinges only. Hinges broken cases are also coming in very excessively, e-Laptop Service Zone is perfect palace where you can repair your broken laptop hinges of any brand laptop. We have repaired the lots of hinges of many branded laptops like HP Pavilion laptop hinges repair, Dell Inspiron 15 3521 hinges repair , Lenovo laptop hinges repair in Gurgaon & Delhi. One day one customers came with his HP laptop and asked us that his laptop hinges have broken and need to replace these hinges or you can repair if it is possible for you. e-Laptop Service Zone checked all the hinges and his condition and found that hinges were totally broken and could not be repaired, so we have replaced the original hinges on very less price. When we were replacing the hinges we faced one problem the screw patch plastic stand has also broken, we had drilled the laptop and fix the hinges. We have changed the hinges in only 1200 Rs with cover body of the laptop. Replacement of Dell Latitude laptop hinges on e-Laptop Service Zone Gurgaon & Dwarka.


My Laptop Mouse or touchpad is not working:


What should we do if my HP Laptop touchpad is not working? This is the general question asking in Laptop repairing field. If your laptop touchpad is not working there some steps we need to follow to check how will we resolve the same? I have a Toshiba Satellite C50D-A-13G laptop and this laptop touchpad is not working when do I use the external USB mouse it works perfectly in my laptop. Can anybody fix this issue in my Lenovo laptop? One customer asked replaces my Acer Aspire laptop touchpad it is not working from long time and I am using the external mouse only to operate the laptop. Many times we saw that by mistake you can disable the mouse in your laptop due to this laptop touchpad will not work so we need to check this step by step. Make enable the touch pad and restart your computer than you will check that it will work automatically. Check mouse settings First we will check the settings in the windows control panel access the touchpad settings and make enable the touchpad.


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